How To Be A Good Yoga Instructor: Skills And Responsibilities

How To Become A Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor is a person who is certified to teach yoga classes that involve meditation and yoga activities to a group of people. To be able to become a good yoga instructor, you need to possess specific characteristics. You also need to have the traits that every yoga instructor must have, such as skills and competence.


Responsibilities of a Yoga Instructor


Being a good yoga instructor is having exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to build relationships with your students. Leadership skills should also be present, so you are able to lead your yoga class during yoga sessions effectively.


The following are some of the responsibilities of a yoga instructor:


  • Should conduct yoga classes
  • Able to lead the yoga classes
  • Able to assess the students to know the level of practice
  • Assists each student to achieve the proper posture or alignment
  • Provide techniques
  • Has the ability to provide energy and transforms the energy during warm-up, build-up, as well as during cool-down
  • Encourages students and motivates them
  • Connects with students
  • Provides recommendations to improve the students


Qualities and Skills Every Yoga Teacher Must Have


There are certain qualities that a yoga instructor must have to teach and lead the yoga class effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the list of qualities that every yoga teacher must-have.




Teach according to experience and understanding. To be a good teacher or instructor, you should teach things that you already have tried so you can connect with your students. This way, you will understand the feeling and know the feeling of your students and be able to motivate those students who need a little push to do the activity.


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Always be generous to share all the things you know through your experience and practice so your students will also get the same benefits you have learned. The more you share, the more students will learn and perfect their yoga poses.




A good yoga instructor is always ready for the needs of the students. As a yoga teacher, you should plan the step-by-step routine of your students according to the class’s needs. You should also provide discussion every after class and should take queries from students as well.




To be a good yoga instructor, you should empower each and everyone in the class. You should not just teach the students certain poses. Help the students understand the process involved in each activity so that they will understand. Through this process, you are transferring your knowledge to them little by little, and sooner, they will take control of their personal growth.



A good teacher can identify the needs of each student and know how to provide for the different needs of each student.




As a yoga teacher, you should practice the value of teacher-student confidentiality.

Students will learn more, perform at their best, and confidently grow if they trust their instructor.


Considerate people’s ability and energy


If you want to become an effective yoga instructor, you need to consider your students’ abilities. If possible, you should also learn how to read what your student is going through during your yoga class. Once you already have this skill, you can adjust or motivate your students depending on their interests. Being considerate is essential when teaching yoga. You can tailor your instructions to bring them the best yoga experience.




Every teacher or instructor is unique. Teaching styles differ from one teacher to another. The way each teacher or instructor handles each student depends on how each student performs. To become a good yoga teacher or instructor, you should learn and apply the various qualities of a good yoga teacher. You have to understand and know them by heart so that you will use them in practice.


Also, skills play an important role in being a good yoga instructor. You should gain your learning through practice to teach and explain to your students based on your experience.