Where are all the entry-level social media jobs?

1. Twitter. Do a search of community management or social media professionals related hashtags (#cmgr, for example). Follow these hashtags. Many posts with this hashtag are job listings.

2. Find industry meetups on meetup.com and crash as many networking events as you can. Remember – you shouldn’t go in asking others what they should do. You should ask “What can I offer them?” and you should have fun/interesting conversations about a variety of topics. Classes at places like Trade School and Skillshare are also a great place to learn more and meet people.

3. Blogs, quora, vlogs, podcasts – start to educate yourself about social media, the start-up world, and tech in general.

4. Books. Guy Kawasaki and Gary Vaynerchuck’s books help me build my initial community management plan and have core ideas for what I think good community managers do (I want these ideas to change as I work but you need to have a point of view).

5. Build your LinkedIn page.

6. Actual job sites: LinkedIn, startuply, Indeed, Simply Hired.